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No position is available for this type

No position is available for this type

Security Analyst

I discovered an exciting job and was hired following my final internship in 2014. An internship at Advens gives you the opportunity to be trained in promising lines of work and to quickly acquire in-depth expertise.

Hiring process

Our hiring process is tailored to each applicant.

  • It has two goals: to identify with you the best position and to detect a personality profile that can flourish within our teams.
  • It usually consists of three interviews (one or two for internships), which allows you to meet both the company's senior executives and your future colleagues and managers.

Hiring process

The strengths we’re looking for in any future Advens associate? Creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, value drive, teamwork, friendliness and simplicity.

Would you like to apply? We will get back to you within 2 business days.


The arrival of any new collaborator is prepared meticulously: at the administrative and logistical level, but especially regarding the knowledge of the teams and lines of business.

Exchanges are scheduled within the first 2 weeks
Exchanges are scheduled
within the first 2 weeks
with all the key people
for their
future tasks 
An on-boarding day
An on-boarding day
once a month
allows all  new
associates  to discover
all our business  activities, tools,
values as well as
Advens’ strategy
Periodic follow-up
Periodic HR and management
follow-up during the first
few months