Applications are critical since they’re your information system entry point

A hacker will never waste time trying to intrude via your network. They will look for the flaw in the application level. And they’ll find it!
  • Applications must meet compliance requirements that evolve constantly
  • Applications are at your business core with direct access to your information system
  • Applications are everywhere: web, mobile, intranet, Cloud, IoT...
  • Applications grow without your knowledge (marketing campaigns and new websites)


The “Application Security” program packages
To guide you throughout your application lifecycle
I want to assess my critical applications exposed on the Internet


Audit or application intrusion test and corrective action plan. Remediation Support

I want to control my exposure on the Internet 


Application discovery and classification, vulnerabilities assessment and roadmap

I want to protect my services online


Production application monitoring and protection service

I want to check a new application before its deployment


Application Audit Tool & Process

I want to integrate security in my projects

ASA Build

Integration of security in the development lifecycle

I want to purchase a third party application


Integration of security in the purchasing lifecycle

I want to organize and pilot application security


Guidance or delegation of the “Application security” function

 Advens also offers tailored services to build a progressive security approach.

Why Advens?

IS Security Audit Service Provider (Prestataire d’Audit de la Sécurité des SI - PASSI)
Support service for development cycles in agile mode
Machine learning based application protection service

A few references

Groupe Crédit Agricole
Rectorat d’Aix-Marseille

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